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    • Irina Soboleva
    • Irkutsk

    Thank you very much for the trip. For a long time I wanted to write to you, I still have a lot of impressions and still remember with joy my small feat! In 2015, in the summer, I was among those brave souls who decided to climb the Holy Nose. Having chosen your company, I did not regret it at all. Everything was organized, professional, reliable, and thanks to the support and supervision of the guide, the whole group, almost 35 people, climbed to the top! We did not stay without dinner - a hot bonfire soup left no one indifferent, and spent the night in warm tents we all rallied in the group and prepared for the ascent. I will always remember the beautiful sunsets and sunrises on Lake Baikal, the night sky and songs by the fire. In general I am delighted !!

    • Mark Agnor Russian photojournalist, blogger
    • Ulan-Ude

    For me, the Barguzinsky Valley first opened in 2016, not only with its amazing history, but really amazing views. You can take pictures of local landscapes endlessly and never achieve the full collection of the best shots. Phototour 2016 certainly succeeded, organized a trip "Barguzin Valley." Especially I want to thank our guide, stalker and connoisseur of the area Alexander Elshin. Honestly, I'm just amazed by the beauty of the region, I even think about going back and making a new set for another time of the year. I was also impressed by the "Jewish past" of Barguzin village, its history, heritage. I could not help but save in the frames an ancient Jewish cemetery. If you want to make your best shots, enjoy nature, breathe the air of mountains and learn the history of your native land, then you should visit Barguzin, and the company "Barguzin tour" will make the trip as interesting and comfortable as possible. Thank you again))